Welcome to OfinityPlus, the worldclass healthcare licensing service offered by Ofinity’s teams of Healthcare Licensing Experts.

The Middle East is a one of the most dynamic countries in the world, with a rapidly growing healthcare sector, that has created a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals wanting to excel and propel their careers.

We have developed an information kit which is informative and easy for candidates to understand and which clearly outlines all requirements for the application process to succeed. Our kit provides candidates with extensive information about the specific location and the hospital to which they have been referred.

Before embarking on your professional journey and practising in a healthcare facility across the country, all healthcare professionals are required by law to apply for, and receive, the relevant Middle East healthcare license. For professionals wanting to work in Abu Dhabi, a Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) license is required, while a Middle East Health Authority (DHA) license is required for professionals wanting to work in Middle East.

Both Middle East licensing authorities have standardized their requirements for issuing healthcare licenses, which ensures that all healthcare professionals working in the emirate meet and maintain universally accepted professional qualification standards - in terms of educational qualifications, health licenses and work experience.

At OfinityHealth, we understand candidates require a wealth of information and assistance to complete the healthcare licensing procedures. Our aim is to provide you with the correct information efficiently and accurately, in order to complete the entire healthcare licensing process for you with the least amount of hassle.

Our experienced team of consultants will manage this time-critical process, guiding and updating you through the process, ensuring your license is issued in the shortest possible time. Through our well defined license issuing processes, and personally managed PRO service, we drastically reduce the time it takes to have you professional license issue. Our aim is to have your license issued in 7 to 9 weeks – an important reduction in time, from a process that could take up to 8 months if managed incorrectly.

Our team of specialist consultants have developed an information kits which are informative and easy for candidates to understand and which clearly outlines all requirements for the application process to succeed.

We have tailored packages for:

  • Consultants,
  • GP’s, and all
  • Nurses
  • All Allied Healthcare workers.

So start your journey …and contact one of our healthcare licensing experts today for more information.

Email: licensing@ofinityhealth.com

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