We’re strengthening the healthcare world by helping motivated, talented healthcare professionals further their career.

We are a specialist organization focusing purely on healthcare recruitment, with an extensive database of locally based candidates, and a good pool of international candidates with a focus on the UK, SA, Philippines, Australia and Romania.

At OfinityHealth, we are focused on strengthening the healthcare industry by helping motivated, talented people propel their careers.

Whilst our origins are in the Middle East, OfinityHealth specializes in national and international healthcare placements to specific industry sectors, including hospitals and home care facilities. OfinityHealth offers employers in these sectors innovative short and long term solutions to meet their staffing requirements, and at the same time assists healthcare professionals from countries that have a comparable health system to Middle East, to advance their careers.

All of our consultants are highly experienced, and have travelled and worked extensively overseas. This gives our clients the dual benefit of comprehensive understanding of their needs with the accurate matching of candidates to those needs.

With a proven track record and an excellent reputation we pride ourselves on providing clients with the best quality candidates. With continued support our candidates are ensured their time in the Middle East is one they never regret… indeed many choose to stay on once their one or two year contract has finished as they thrive on the work and social opportunities the Middle East presents to them.

Thank you for choosing OfinityHealth. We look forward to supporting you with your recruitment for the months and years to come.

Tailored Recruitment Campaigns:

The size of our business and subsequent agility allows us to tailor our recruitment campaigns on a modular, retained or contingent basis to meet the needs of individual businesses. By working closely with our clients, we gain a more in-depth understanding of their specific recruitment challenges and goals to deliver the best possible solution to our clients and ensure we find the most suitable candidates for their job roles, expertly matching skill-sets, experience and cultural fit.

Whether you are looking to fill niche or highly specialist roles, target under-represented groups or recruit a large volume of staff, we have the solutions to help.

OfinityHealth prides itself on standing out from the rest with our friendly, efficient and highly skilled consultants who will tailor staffing solutions to deliver on all expectations. We will regularly visit your facility, enabling us to build relationships with your personnel and to help us better understand your business culture, and stay abreast of your HR requirements.

Expertise and Experience

The consultants at OfinityHealth are experienced in placing registered healthcare professionals on long term placements throughout Middle East. Our particular expertise lies in the relocation of experienced staff to all emirates of the Middle East, whether they are single, a couple or a family. This is our core business.

Valuse Added Services

  • Data Verification Services (Dataflow)
  • HAAD/DHA licenses Guidance
  • Document Attestation and Translation
  • Candidate Relocation Assistance
  • Employee Retention Programs
  • Middle East “onboarding” facilitation
  • International Recruitment Drives
  • Candidate Replacement Guarantees
  • HealthCare Training
  • HR Payroll and Management Services

Maximizing Value

OfinityHealth’s business strategy includes entering into long-term strategic partnerships.

OfinityHealth’s stated aspiration is to achieve ‘preferred provider status’ with clients that are seeking a high-value alternative to other, high-cost recruitment companies. When seeking ‘value on investment’, which means both the tangible return (results) and the intangible elements (service, fit and relationships), appointing OfinityHealth, will establish a genuine and beneficial partnership relationship.

A low risk appointment that will withstand scrutiny

OfinityHealth appreciates that external labour spend must withstand the scrutiny of its stakeholders. OfinityHealth has a reputation for being a cost conscious company. It has earned this standing by carefully managing its overheads, positioning the company at the industry midpoint on price, minimizing double-handling, implementing efficient client management systems and applying state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, OfinityHealth extends to clients its most commercial terms – competitive rates to maximize financial investment.

Successful placements

When we deal with candidates, we ask for an exclusive arrangement whereby they deal only with us. This innovative approach ensures that only our clients have access to the experienced registered nurses and midwives we recruit. With this arrangement, we can focus on screening candidates to ensure a high level of commitment to our client, therefore reducing the likelihood of ‘changes of mind’.

OfinityHealth is extremely proud of the loyalty and retention of our international candidates, which demonstrates that we are an excellent choice to recruit and retain international staff for your organisation

Blue ribbon account management

OfinityHealth offers its most talented professionals, an account management system that ensures an organisation will receive the blue ribbon service it deserves, and a system of candidate management that will deliver peace of mind. OfinityHealth’s team members’ positive history with hospitals across Middle East strengthens our resolve to continue to build a rewarding relationship with you.

Our Methodology

OfinityHealth has the ability and capacity to provide national and international healthcare professionals. Our expert recruitment process, which involves attracting the right candidates, screening, visa and registration application and obtaining all relevant documentation necessary for a successful transition will provide fast results without compromise on quality.

OfinityHealth will appoint a Client Services Manager to your account who will be available via email and telephone 7 days a week. Your consultant will ensure that your business is treated as a priority client of OfinityHealth at all times and as such can be assured of the best attention and service at all times.

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