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Why to become a nurse? It has always been a burning question in the field of nursing. Some people give their arguments with positivism and some become pessimistic while defining their thoughts about nursing. Below you can find some pros and cons about this field and after reading them, you can decide by yourself that whether this field is suitable for you or not.


  • You will do a great job for humanity and save some precious lives. You can make a good impact even when patients are found in bad outcomes. This thing is not lesser than any reward.
  • There are various areas to work in the field of nursing. While being a nurse, you can perform various roles in the areas like administration, management, research, and others.
  • The job security in this field is far and far better than other professions. You can always have another option whenever any option is closed.
  • You will have many opportunities to grow and improve your skills. You can become a successful person through some great efforts.
  • You will get a whole community of nurses. Nurses remain in touch with each other and they dwell like siblings. They do works of other nurses and a unique closeness and a perfect community you can have by becoming a nurse.


  • Sometimes, people treat nurses as waiter and waitress. This thing really hurts nurses’ egos and some nurses can become heart broken by this.
  • A bunch of bedpans will be fetched by you and this thing is really annoying.
  • A feeling of underpaid can be felt sometimes in this particular field.
  • In the field of nursing, you will always have to be ready to face the problem of under-staffing.
  • Long working hours, extra shifts, and work on holidays make this field tougher than others.
  • Nursing college students need to pay more attention on studies than other ordinary students.
  • Risks for health are always present in this field.

These are the pros and cons by reading which you can decide that whether you are an adequate person to become a nurse or not.

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